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How Italian Sharpshooters Guard Venice from Aerial Attack

EVERY little while an Austrian air- plane attempts to make a raid on Venice. As soon as an enemy aircraft is sighted the sharpshooters of the Italian army sta- tioned at Venice are as- sembled for a concentrated attack on the airman.

Pavilions for the crack shots have been set up at points of vantage all over the city. These are pro- vided with beams which are positioned just over the heads of the

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���Italian sharpshooters attacking the aerial invaders. The best crack shots of the army are always employed

��A teaspoonful of this solution should be added to every two gallons of the water to be drunk. After being well mixed in with the water, it should be allowed to stand for about twenty minutes. During this time, the lime will be giving off its chlorine and this chlorine will kill any germs that may be present. The bottle of sterilizing solution will keep its pur- ifying quali- ties for a week.

It is a good plan to pre- pare it in rather small quantities of not more than one week's supply at a time.

��men and serve as rifle rests which make aiming much more certain than it would be if the soldier simply rested his rifle against his shoulder.

Frequently as many as thirty of the best shots in Venice are gathered together in one of these little pavilions. The in- vader invariably retreats or comes to grief.

��Prevent Typhoid. Sterilize Your Drinking Water!

PIPURE drinking water means typhoid. It is therefore wise to sterilize all water which may possibly be contam- inated. Ordinary boiling will help, but a much more certain treatment is the following: Take a level teaspoonful of pure chloride of lime and mix it with a little of the water in a cup. When a thin paste has been made, add another teaspoonful of the lime, and thin that down with water also. When nearly a cupful of the lime and water has been made, three more cupfuls of water should be added slowly. After the paste has be- come well mixed and no lumps are to be found, the solution should be placed in a dark bottle and tightly corked.

��A Homemade Hand Plow Built from an Old Bicycle

A FARMER out in California had no hand plow so he proceeded to im- provise one. The body of the plow he made is an old bicycle frame. The bicycle handle- bar was taken off, turned backward and set solidly in the frame. The wheel was taken from a large gate valve. The plow share is attached to the frame by a U-bolt.

���The frame of an old bicycle with handlebars turned backwards was used for this hand plow

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