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Solving Kitchen Problems Electrically

One little electric motor which may be set up anywhere does all the tedious jobs

��THE slogan "Do it electrically!" has long since been echoed by the queens of the kitchen in the private homes of the cities as well as in the more modern farmhouses. But of all the electrical inven- tions to make the work of the kitchen light, perhaps none is useful in so many different ways as the one shown in the accompanying illustrations.

It is primarily a small electric motor and may be used to operate any of the hand-power kitchen utensils such as the coffee grinder, ice cream freezer, egg beater, cake mixer, bread mixer, cream whipper, and food chopper. The device is

���The motor with its adjustable crank- arm takes up little table space


����simple, takes up little table space and consists of an electric motor mounted on a base plate together with two vertical rods carrying an arm which may be slid up and down to adjust it to the kitchen tool being used. This arm carries the driving shaft oper- ated by the electric motor through a uni- versal joint and is pro- vided with both hori- zontal and vertical end shafts for driving uten- sils which are turned respectively by hori- zontal or vertical shafts. This permits practically any utensil turned by a hand-crank or wheel to be success- fully operated by the device. The motor is of one-sixteenth horse- power and may be driven off the


��Here the coffee is being ground by the crank arm of the motor






��A high speed emery wheel driven off the motor armature shaft

��Eggs may be beaten, cream whipped and mayonnaise mixed by the device






How the electrical motor may be connected up with the ordinary cake mixer

��How meat choppers and food grinders of all kinds are operated by the motor


The bread will be uni- formly good when mixed by the motor attachment


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