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���A power-boat equipped with a short fin. The position and construction of the fin make it possible to turn this boat around in its own length. This is an important feature in a crowded harbor

��two-hundred-and-fifty-foot float would have a fin twelve feet in width. The engine would take up four feet, which would leave four feet on each side for passageway. On such a large boat a great part of the engine would be above the fin and there would be plenty of room to get at any part of the mechanism.

Small boats, like motor-boats, have a narrow fin and a correspondingly small engine. All that is necessary in such boats, is arm space around the engine. A man can reach any part of the engine from the floor above it.

��Zip! Zip! The Electric Fish Scaler Is Cleaning the Fish

ANEW device which has re- cently been patented by Louis Weinberg, of Chicago, will enable anybody to scale a fish in the shortest possible time and with very little effort. This invention looks like an old-fashioned music-box cylinder, except

��Can a Fish Frozen in the Ice Be Restored to Life?

OCCASIONALLY a "fish" story gets into circulation which has such a scientific flavor that it challenges the credu- lity of even the very well informed. To this class belongs the story of the resurrec- tion of a fish called the "Chindagaks," which, it is reported, will come to life again after having lain frozen solid in the ice for months.

According to the authorities connected with the United States Fish Commission, the Chindagaks is a newcomer not only into the field of fish literature but also into the lists of known species. None of the experts on the Commission has heard of it before. They

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��Revolving base

��that the teeth are mounted on a tapered body. The scraper blades or teeth are larger and farther apart on the thick part of the body and finer and nearer together where it tapers. The coarse blades are to be used on large fishes having heavy scales.

��declare that

when a fish is

entirely frozen,

life is extinct;

though it is

possible for a

fish to appear

to be frozen

when its flesh

isonly stiffened

from the cold.

The blood is

still uncongealed, therefore

the fish is still alive and will,

of course, revive gradually

when placed in water of the

proper temperature.

Even this will happen only to a fish which has been caught through a hole in the ice and left lying exposed on Turn on the current and scale your fish the ice surface until

electrically. A flexible shaft runs from Jt nas become Stlt-

an electric motor to the tapering scraper fened from the cold.

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