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���hole in the center of each. Fasten these two pieces together with the grain running in cross directions or at right angles to each other. Get a piece of iron pipe i]/i in. in diameter for the steering wheel shaft. It should be 27 in. long and drilled with two holes ]/2 in. in diameter, one to be 2 in. from the end and the other at right angles to it, and z /i in. from the end. Fit a piece of rod or pipe with an out- side diameter of Y2 in. in the lower hole. The rod or pipe is to be about 9 in. in length. Now place the steering wheel over the pipe shaft and resting on the cross J^-in. pipe. Fasten the wheel to this cross pipe with four eyebolts as in- dicated in the detail drawing. Now slide in the other cross pipe which will just come on the op- posite side of the wheel and fasten that with four eyebolts, also as indicated. This method gives a very solid and strong con- nection between the shaft and wheel. Smooth up the wheel with a file and sand- paper. The wooden wheel will be found eas- ier and warmer to handle in cold weather than a metal one. Now drill the two cot- ter, and the J^-in. holes in the shaft as called for in the illustration. Make two plates and drill them to make a hole \% in. in diameter for the 1 34-in. pipe to pass through. Bolt the plates to the upper and lower cross boards of the frame and then place the steering wheel shaft in place. Put on a sufficient number of washers to take






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��Brake lever

��iLever bearinq

��Details of the brake lever and the steering wheel and post with cross-bar for the ropes

��up any play and insert two heavy cotter or taper pins — either will answer very well. This is clearly shown in the sectional draw- ing of the steering wheel and detailed at A. The steering motion is carried from the shaft to the sled through a cable of either bronze or other metal — a flexible woven or stranded wire cable of 34 in. diameter will an- swer the purpose very well. A length of the cable is passed through the hole in the lower part of the shaft and a knot tied in either side so as to prevent the cable from slipping through the hole. Make five turns of the cable around the shaft below the hole, from left to right and take five turns from right to left above the hole. Fasten the two ends to the rings on the rear of the sled, being sure to draw the wire tight before fastening.

The sled should be covered or floored from end to end with some light weight ma- terial, the planks being nailed crosswise. Each plank length, or the width of the flooring on the sled, should be about 20 in. Nail on cross foot- rests or cleats as desired.

The brake box is supposed to be filled with some heavy stuff so that its own weight willsufhce when only a slight drag or braking is wanted. Fix up a hook and chain so that the brake handle can be held down when not in use. A strong pull on the handle will stop the sled.

��Pipe bearing

Plate A Plate B Section at brake lever

Details of the mechanism for operating the brake, the steering wheel and the front bob, all hung to the underside of the frame

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