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NO. 7 OF 2011


Private lotteries unlawful except with permit

7. Any private lottery promoted or conducted without a permit granted by the Permit Officer under this Act or otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall be unlawful.

Power of Permit Officer to grant permit

8.—(1) The Permit Officer may, in his discretion, grant a permit to any person or society for the promotion of a private lottery.

(2) Such permit may be granted either in respect of a particular private lottery or in respect of a series or a number of private lotteries to be promoted within such period of time as the Permit Officer may specify in the permit.

(3) An application for the grant of a permit under this Act shall be made to the Permit Officer in such manner and form as the Permit Officer may require and shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

(4) The Permit Officer may require the applicant or the holder of a permit to furnish him with such information and documents in such form and manner as he may require.

(5) The Permit Officer may, at any time, suspend for such period as he deems appropriate, or revoke, a permit granted under this section.

(6) Any person who is aggrieved by a decision of the Permit Officer in refusing an application for a permit or suspending or revoking a permit may, within 14 days of being notified of that decision, appeal to the Minister for Home Affairs whose decision shall be final.

Conditions in permits

9.—(1) In granting a permit under this Act, the Permit Officer may impose such conditions relating to the promotion and conduct of a private lottery as he may think fit but there shall in all cases be imposed the following conditions:

(a) no profit shall accrue to any individual person from the conduct of such lottery; and