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ch. xxi]

groups of stone temples at Chamba and still older shrines dating from the eighth century at Barmaur and Chitradi in the same state. The ruins of the great temple of the Sun, built by Lalitaditya in the same period, at Martand[1] near Islamabad in the Kashmir State are very striking. The smaller, but far better preserved, temple at Payer is probably of much later date. Round the pool of

Fig. 73. Group of Chamba Temples.

Katas, one of §iva's eyes, a great place of Hindu pilgrimage in the Salt Range, there is little or nothing of antiquarian value, but there are interesting remains at Malot in the same neighbourhood. It is possible that when the mounds that mark the sites of ancient villages come to be excavated valuable relics of the Hindu period will be brought to light. The forces of nature or the violence of man have wiped out all traces of the numerous Buddhist monasteries

  1. See page 166.