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which the Chinese pilgrims found in the Panjab. Inscriptions of A┬žoka graven on rocks survive at Shahbazgarhi and Mansehra in the North-West Frontier Province. Two pillars with inscriptions of the Missionary Emperor stand at Delhi. They were brought from Topra near the Jamna in Ambala and from Meerut by Firoz Shah. The traveller by train from Jhelam to Rawalpindi can

Fig. 74. Payer Temple.

see to the west of the line at Mankiala a great stupa raised to celebrate the self-sacrifice of the Bodhisattva who gave his life to feed a starving tigress. There is a ruined stupa at Sui Vihar in the Bahawalpur State. The Chinese pilgrims described the largest of Indian stupas built by Kanishka near Peshawar to enshrine precious relics of Gautama Buddha and a great monastery