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the southern part of the district are a great contrast to the Ahirs. They are Muhammadans.

About a quarter of the area is protected by irrigation from wells, the Agra Canal, and embankments or "bands," which catch and hold up the hill drainages. Owing to the depth and saltness of many of the wells the cultivation dependent on them is far from secure, and the "band" irrigation is most precarious. The large dry area is subject to extensive and complete crop failures. The average rainfall over a series of years is 24 inches, but its Mathra

Fig. 87.

irregularities from year to year are extreme. The district is a poor one, and for its resources bears the heaviest assessment in the Panjab. It requires the most careful revenue management. There are brine wells at Sultanpur, but the demand for the salt extracted is now very small.

Karnal is midway in size between Rohtak and Hissar. One-third of the cultivation is now protected Area, 3153 sq.m. Cultd area, 1744 sq. m. Pop. 799,787; 70 p.c. H. Land Rev. Rs. 12,92,620 =£86, irrigation, two-fifths of the irrigation being from wells and three-fifths from the Western Jamna Canal. There are four tahsils,