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Thanesar, Karnal, Kaithal, and Panipat. The peasantry consists mostly of hardworking Hindu Jats, but there are also many Hindu and Muhammadan Rajput villages. The chief towns are Panipat, Karnal, and Kaithal. The district falls broadly into two divisions, the boundary between them being the southern limit of the floods of the Sarusti in years of heavy rainfall. The marked features of the northern division is the effect which

Fig. 88.

the floods of torrents of intermittent flow, the Sarusti, Markanda, Umla, and Ghagar have on agriculture. Some tracts are included like the Andarwar and the outlying villages of the Powadh[1] in Kaithal which are fortunately unaffected by inundation, and have good well irrigation. The country between the Umla and Markanda in Thanesar gets rich silt deposits and is generally fertile. The Kaithal Naili is the tract affected by the overflow of the

  1. Not shown in map.