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Akbar's reign. The bridge which carries the railway across the Indus still makes Attock a position of military importance. Population 630.

Bhera (Shahpur), 32-3 N— 72-6 E. Headquarters of tahsil. Population 15,202. A very ancient town which was sacked by Mahmud and two centuries later by Chingiz Khan. Has an active trade. The wood-carvers of Bhera are skilful workmen. Woollen felts are manufactured.

Chilianwala (Chelianwala) (Gujrat), 32-7 N.-73-6 E. Famous battlefield (page 187).

Gujrat, 32-3 N.-74'5 E. Headquarters of district. Population 19,090. An old place, famous in recent history for the great battle on 22 February, 1849 (page 187). Has a brisk local trade.

Hasn Abdal (Attock), 335 N.-724 E. On N.W. Railway. Shrine of Baba Wall Kandahar! on hill above village. Below is the Sikh shrine of the Panja Sahib, the rock in which bears the imprint of Baba Nanak's five fingers (panja).

Jhelam, 32-6 ^-73-5 E. Headquarters of district and an important cantonment. Population 19,678, of which 7380 in cantonment. Has only become a place of any importance under British rule. Is an important depot for Kashmir timber trade.

Kalabagh (Mianwali), 32-6 N.-71 3 E. Population 6654. Picturesquely situated below hills which are remarkable for the fantastic shapes assumed by salt exposed on the surface. The Kalabagh salt is in favour from its great purity. The Malik of Kalabagh is the leading man in the Awan tribe.

Katas (Jhelam), 32-4 N.-72-6 E. A sacred pool in the Salt Range and a place of Hindu pilgrimage. The tears of Siva weeping for the loss of his wife Sati formed the Kataksha pool in the Salt Range and Pushkar at Ajmer.

Khewra (Jhelam), 32-4 ^".-73-3 E. In Salt Range five and a half miles N.E. of Pinddadankhan. The famous Mayo Salt Mine is here.

Malot (Jhelam), 32-4 N.-72-5 E. Nine miles W. of Katas (see above). Fort and temple on a spur of the Salt Range. Temple in early Kashmir style (Archaeological Survey Reports, Vol. v. pp. 85-90).

Mankiala (Manikyala) (Rawalpindi), 33-3 N.-74-2 E. A little village close to which are the remains of a great Buddhist stupa and of a number of monasteries (page 202).

Murree (Marri) (Rawalpindi), 33-5 N.-73-2 E. Hill Station