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Ch. 48.

Light Railways Act. 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

and hereditaments belonging to the same proprietor may be benefited by the proposed light railway.

(2.) The Board of Trade may, with the concurrence of the Lord Chancellor, make rules fixing a scale of costs to be applicable on any such arbitration, and may, by such rules, limit the cases in which the costs of council are to be allowed.

(3.) The Arbitration Act, 1889, shall apply to any arbitration under this section.

Payment of purchase money or compensation. 14. Any order under this Act may, notwithstanding anything in the Lands Clauses Acts, authorise the payment to trustees of any purchase money or compensation not exceeding five hundred pounds.

Provisions as to Board of Trade. 15.—(1.) If the Board of Trade hold a local inquiry for the purposes of this Act, Part I. of the Board of Trade Arbitrations, &c. Act, 1874 37 & 38 Vict, c. 40., shall apply to any inquiry so held as if—

(a) the inquiry was held on an application made in pursuance of a special Act; and
(b) the parties making the application for the order authorising the light railway, and in the case of an inquiry held with reference to an objection made to any such application the persons making the objection in addition, were parties to the application within the meaning of section three of the Act.

(2.) The Board of Trade may make such rules as they think necessary for regulating the procedure under this Act, whether before the Board of Trade or before the Light Railway Commissioners, and any other matters which they may think expedient to regulate by rule for the purpose of carrying this Act into effect.

(3.) There shall be charged in respect of proceedings under this Act before the Board of Trade or the Light Railway Commissioners such fees as may be fixed by the Treasuiy on the recommendation of the Board of Trade.

(4.) Any expenses of the Board of Trade under this Act shall except so far as provision is made for their payment by or under this Act, be defrayed out of moneys provided by Parliament.

(5.) The Board of Trade shall present to Parliament annually a report of their proceedings and of the proceedings of the Light Railway Commissioners under this Act. Expenses of local authorities.

16.—(1.) The council of any county, borough, or district may pay any expenses incurred by them and allowed by the Light Railway Commissioners with reference to any application for an order authorising a light railway under this Act, in the case of a county council as general expenses, in the case of a borough council out of the borough fund or rate, and in the case of a district council other than a borough council as general expenses under the Public Health Acts.

Provided that any expenses incurred by a county council under this Act may be declared by the order authorising the railway or, in the event of an unsuccessful application for such an order, by the Light Railway Commissioners, to be exclusively chargeable on certain parishes only in the county, and those expenses shall be