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Classified List of the Local and Private Acts.

[59 & 60 Vict

Class 8.— Gaslight Companies and Undertakings

  • Guildford. Ch. xxiii.
  • Ilfracombe. Ch. xxv.
  • Leamington Corporation. Ch. cxlii (Part x.).
  • Matlock Bath. Ch. cxxiii.
  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Gateshead. Ch. cxxxii.
  • Rotherham Corporation. Ch. xxvi.
  • South Metropolitan. Ch. ccxxvi.
  • Ystradyfodwg Urban District Council (Gas and Water). Ch. lxxi.

[For Acts concerning Provisional Orders relating to Gas undertakings, see Class 19 (5), (10(a)).]

Class 8a.—Electric Light Companies, &c.

  • Liverpool Electric Supply (Transfer), Ch, xii.

[For Acts confirming Provisional Orders under Electric Lighting Acts, 1882 and 1888, see Class 19 (3),]

Glass 9.—Harbours, Docks, Ports, Piers, Quays, &c.

  • Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway. Ch. cxcii.
  • Blackrock and Kingstown Drainage and Improvement (Construction of Boat Harbour). Ch. ccliii.
  • Brading Harbour and Railway. Ch. ccxliii.
  • Brighton Marine Palace and Pier. Ch. ccii.
  • Brixham Harbour and Market, Ch. lv.
  • Burntisland Harbour. Ch. clv.
  • Dundee Harbour (Additional Powers). Ch. xxxiv.
  • Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway (Construction of Pier). Ch. ccxl
  • Llanelly Harbour. Ch. clxxxvi.
  • Millwall Docks. Ch. ix.
  • Port Talbot Railway and Docks (Ogmore Valleys Extension). Ch. cxlv.
  • Port Talbot Railway and Docks (South Wales Mineral Railway Junction). Ch. ccxii.
  • Ribble Navigation (Further borrowing and other powers for harbour purposes), Ch. cliv.
  • South Shields Corporation (Construction of Quay). Ch. 1. (Part v.).
  • Sutton Bridge Dock. Ch. xvii,
  • Swansea Harbour. Ch. cxli.

[For Acts confirming Provisional Orders under General Pier and Harbour Act, 1861, and Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, see Class 19 (6), (12).]

Class 10.—Improvements in Towns, Municipal and County and Local Government Matters, Markets, &c.

  • Barnsley Corporation (Water). Ch. lii.
  • Barry Urban District Council. Ch. ccxlv.
  • Belfast Corporation. Ch. ccxlvi.