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Index to the Public General Acts.

[59 & 60 Vict.

Scotland, Acts relating exclusively tocontinued.

  • Culter Water Order Confirmation.
  • Cupar Water Order Confirmation.
  • Dalmeny and Kirkliston Water Order Confirmation.
  • Edinburgh General Register House.
  • Glasgow Parliamentary Divisions.
  • Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, Amendment.
  • Kelty Water Order Confirmation.
  • Law Agents (Scotland) Act Amendment.
  • Orkney and Zetland Small Piers and Harbours.
  • West Highland Railway Guarantee.

Shipping See Derelict Vessels (Report) Act (c. 12); Pilotage Order Confirmation Act (Table II., c. xcvii. (London and English Channel)); Public Health Act (c. 19); Public Health (Ports) Act (c. 20).

Short Titles:

To facilitate the Citation of sundry Acts of Parliament. Ch. 14. U.K. Page 13.

Solicitors. Appearance of, in County Court, in proceedings relating to Inland Revenue. See Finance Act (c. 28. s. 38).

Spirits, Amendment of Rules as to size of casks. See Finance Act (c. 28, s. 4).

Stamp Duty, Exemption of contracts under Truck Act from. See Truck Act (c. 44, s. 7).

Stamps. See Finance Act (c. 28, Part III).

Stannaries Court (Abolition). For abolishing the Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries. Ch. 45. E. Page 363.

Suffolk Fisheries. See Fisheries (Norfolk and Suffolk) Act (c. 18).

Sugar and other Substances, Prohibition against possession of, by dealers is, and retailers of, beer. See Finance Act (c. 28, s. 11).

Superannuation. See Poor Law Officers Superannuation Act (c. 50); Public Health (Ireland) Act (c. 54, s. 7); Quarter Sessions (London) Act (c. 55); Stannaries Court (Abolition) Act (c. 45, s. 2).


Tea Duty See Finance Act (c. 28, s. I)

Telegraph (Money):

To provide for raising further Money for the purpose of the Telegraph Acts, 1863 to 1892. Ch. 40. U.K. Page 353.

Tobacco See Finance Act (c. 28, ss. 5, 6).

Trade. See Conciliation Act(c. 30); Truck Act (c. 44).

Tramways Orders Confirmation. See Table II., c. cxx. (No. 1); c. clxvi. (No. 2).