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A.D. 1896.]

Index to the Public General Acts.



To amend the Truck Acts. Ch. 44. U.K. Page 360.

§1–3. Deductions or payments in respect of fines, damaged goods, and materials.
4. Penalty
5. Recovery of payments or deductions.
6. Production of contract.
7. Exemption of contract from stamp duty.
8. Saving as to contracts and payments illegal under existing Acts.
9. Power to exempt from provisions of Act.
10. Duties of inspectors.
11,12. Commencement; short title and construction.

Trustee, Power of Court on application to appoint. See Judicial Trustees Act (c. 35).


Uganda Railway:

To make provision for the Construction of a Railway in Africa, from Mombasa to the Victoria Nyanza, through the Protectorates of Zanzibar, British East Africa, and Uganda. Ch. 38. U.K. Page 348.


Vexatious Actions:

To prevent abuse of the Process of the High Court or other Courts by the institution of Vexatious Legal Proceedings. Ch. 51. E. Page 434.

Volunteers. See Military Lands Provisional Orders Confirmation Act (Table II, c. cxxii.); Royal Naval Reserve Volunteer Act (c. 33).


Water Orders Confirmation. See Table II, c. clxi.

—— See also Table II, c. Ixxvii. (Bonnybridge, &c.); c. cxiv.(Culter); c. v. (Cupar); c. cxv. (Dalmeny and Kirkliston); c.xcviii. (Gas and Water); c. xcix. (Kelty); Local Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Orders Confirmation Acts. (c. lxxxv. (No. 3); c. lxxxviii. (No. 6); c. xc. (No. 8); c. xcii. (No. 12); c. cxvi. (No. 9); c.clxiii. (No. 11)).

West Highland Railway Guarantee For authorising the Treasury to guarantee the Interest on certain Capital of the West Highland Railway Company, and pay a sum of Money to that Company. Ch. 58. U.K. Page 451.

Westminster See Public Offices (Westminster) Site Act (c 23).

Wild Birds Protection:

To amend the Wild Birds Protection Acts. Ch. 56. E.& S. Page 450.

Women, Eligibility of, as Poor Law Guardians in Ireland. See Poor Law Guardians (Ireland) (Women) Act (c. 5).

Working Classes Dwellings See Housing of the Working Classes (Ireland) Act. (c. 11); Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, Amendment (Scotland) Act. (c. 31); Labourers (Ireland) Act (c. 53).

—— See also Table II., c. vi. (Aberdeen); c. ccxxxviii. (Birkenhead and Leeds).