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24 Joseph Schafer 7. In all cases of proposed defense, you will state the prob- able cost, and means which may be available on the spot, as well as the time required for their construction, and of course you will forward sketches of each design. To save time and trouble much pains need not be spent in the preparation of drawings, outline sketches will suffice for illustrating your views, but the scale, compass bearings and peculiarities of site must be particularly shown. For the same reason of dis- patch, estimates of detail will not be required, but the founda- tion of your calculations of approximating estimates of ex- pense should be stated. 8. As the expenses which you may incur will be defrayed by the government, you will be careful to preserve and trans- mit statements of your disbursements, duly authenticated. 9. In conclusion, I am to point out to you the necessity of unanimity between yourself and the other officer associated with you on this service, and the local authorities, especially Sir George Simpson, the acting Governor of the British estab- lishments in the Oregon Territory, and finally as a general rule for your guidance you will observe all such instructions as you may receive from Sir George Simpson. 10. You will be pleased to address all your reports on engineer subjects to the Commanding Royal Engineer, Can- ada, in order that they may be submitted to the Commander of the Forces. (Signed) N. W. Hallo way. Col. on the Staff, Comr. Royal Engr., Canada. His Excellency, Sir Richard Jackson, has this day informed me that he has delivered to his A. D. C. Lieut. Warre, the officer with whom you are to proceed, a copy of the instruc- tions from the Secretary of State, and also certain instruc- tions which he will communicate to you confidentially, it be- ing his particular desire that in all respects you should act in concert and cordially together.

(Signed) N. W. Hallow ay.----