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Warre and Vavasour, 1845-6. 25 [No. 6.] Sir G. Simpson to Warre and Vavasour 30TH May, 1845. Encampment Lac a la Pluie, 30 May, 1845. Confidential. H. J. Warre, M. Vavasour, Esquires, Red River Settlement. Gentlemen : Having been confidentially informed by Her Majesty's Government that the object of your present journey is to acquire a knowledge of the character and resources of the country situated between the Sault de St. Marie and the shores of the Pacific, and of the practicability of forming mil- itary stations therein and conveying troops thither, with a view, should it hereafter become necessary, to the occupa- tion thereof for military purposes, and having been requested to afford you every facility for acquiring such knowledge and to furnish you with such information as my experience might suggest, I beg to invite your attention to the following partic- ulars, which I think may be useful as enabling you to frame your report on the important object of your mission. You are aware that the United States are forming a cordon of military posts along their northern frontier, at Micheli- macinac, the Sault de St. Marie, La Pointe, on the western shore of Lake Superior, Prairie du Chien, Lake St. Peters, and Council Bluffs, and others, I understand, are in progress on the Missouri from that point to the Rocky Mountains, showing the importance they attach to their Indian frontier, and acquiring for them an influence among the surrounding native tribes, which would be highly important in the event of a war, while the trade and settlements along the British frontier are altogether unprotected in that way. Should Her Majesty's Government be desirous of afford- ing similar protection to the British settlements and interests, and of securing a similar influence over the Indian popula- tion in their neighborhood, I should consider that Point Meuron, on the Kaministaquoia River (falling into Lake Su-

perior), about nine miles above the Hudson's Bay Company's----