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30 Joseph Schafer bank of the Columbia River at its outlet to the Pacific, over- looking the ship channel, and commanding as far as I was able to judge when on the spot from superficial observation, the navigation of the river, the occupation of which, as a forti- fication would, in my opinion, be of much importance in the event of hostilities between England and the United States. Mr. Ogden has private instructions from me to take posses- sion of that headland on behalf of the Hudson's Bay Com- pany, ostensibly with a view of forming a trading post and "Pilots' Lookout" thereonĀ ; and if after you have made an accurate survey it be found that any part of the back coun- try overlooks the Cape, Mr. Ogden has been further instructed to take possession of such commanding positions also. I have therefore to request the favor of your communicating to that gentleman whatever preliminary measures you may consider it desirable should be taken, with a view to the prior occupa- tion of all important positions by the company, in order to be afterwards available by Her Majesty's Govt., should such be deemed necessary or expedient. While in the Oregon country I beg to suggest your visit- ing the Willamette Settlement, where there is a large popula- tion consisting of citizens of the United States and British subjects, the retired servants of the Hudson's Bay Company, that you examine into the resources of the country as regards the means of subsistence, and that you notice any positions on the river which may appear to you well adapted for mili- tary stations, more especially on the north bank of the Colum- bia, between Fort Vancouver and Cape Disappointment, con- tiguous to the ship channel, which Mr. Ogden will point out to you. It might be well to examine Tongue Point, command- ing the ship channel on the south side, the occupation of which, from its commanding situation, mignt, I think, become an object of importance, and if, after examination, you be of the same opinion, Mr. Ogden has been instructed to take formal possession thereof for the Hudson's Bay Company. You will

see from the extent of the Company's agricultural operations,----