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356 Peter Skene Ogden Journals Sunday, March i8th. The Snake Indian who arrived yes- terday left today. The villain in going off discovered a woman belonging to our camp near at hand collecting wood. He for- cibly threw her on the ground and pillaged her of some beads and other ornaments she had on her leather dress. This fellow we shall not see again. Monday, March 20th. I sent two men with traps to ex- amine Raft River.i About 30 Indians paid us a visit. They report that a party of Americans and Iroquois are not three days' march from us ; near the spot one of my party was killed last spring. If this be the case, I have no doubt our hunts are damned, and we may prepare to return empty handed. With my discontented party I dread meeting the Americans. That some will attempt desertion I have not the least doubt, after the sufferings they have endured. This stream is lined with Snake Indians preparing to descend to avoid the Blackfeet Indians. They left us promising to return to trade; but ap- peared independent of our goods ; well armed and well stocked in ammunition, knives and iron; not a beaver skin among them all. Wednesday, March 22d. We have upwards of 100 traps set. The Snake camp began to move about sunrise and con- tinued passing till night ; not less than 400 heads, nearly double that number of horses, with buffalo meat. This camp is bound to Sickly River for roots and salmon. In the fall they will return to winter in the Buffalo plain. This is the life they lead. The Blackfeet are fast diminishing their numbers and before many years all will be killed. Two of the chiefs paid us a visit ; they are well dressed, and comport themselves decent- ly. I made each a present of a knife and an awl. They are to meet the Nez Perces Indians at the entrance of Burnt River to trade. We are now in a country of danger and guard at night. Nine beaver today.

I On south side of Snake River.----