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358 Peter Skene Ogden Journals weak and well guarded. We were now fully convinced we were in a country of danger. This party consists of 80 men and as usual with them their reserve amounts to 20 and cannot be far distant; they are poorly armed, only 15 guns; scarcely any ammunition ; bows and arrows scarce among them. If rascals deserve reward, they do for the distance they came in quest of horses and scalps. Well may the Snakes dread. They remained about camp all day. Many of our traps were not visited and those near at hand were all brought into camp late at night; the reserve camp of Piegans made their appearance, ten men and two women; every precaution taken with our horses for the night to keep them snug. Ten beaver. Thursday, March 30th. It was 12 oclock before the Piegans set out in quest of the Snakes. They left in our camp one sick man and two women. Our course, north north east. Friday, March 31st. Counted 40 horses dead in Snake win- ter camp; 27 beaver today, which makes our first thousand, and leaves two to begin the second thousand. I hope to reach Vancouver with 3,000. Saturday, April ist. A stormy night, at daylight a call from the guard "to arms." We were soon out and seven men came to our camp. Fort Nez Perces Indians, who passed the win- ter with the Flatheads and left them 40 days since. These fellows are in quest of Snakes to steal horses and seemed dis- appointed to find the Piegans before them. Sunday, April 2d. Course north nor'east. Camped Port- neuf Fork ; a finer country for beaver never seen ; if the war tribes do not oblige me to change quarters, we shall do well. Today 27 beaver. Monday, April 3d. We are not more than two miles from Benoit's grave, ^ who was killed this season last year. Large head of buflfalo seen near camp.

I Indicated on map as south side of Snake River.----