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82 Joseph Schafer the Hudson's Bay Company they must have starved, or been cut off by the Indians. Through motives of humanity, we are willing to believe, and from the anticipations of obtaining their exports of wheat and flour to the Russian settlements and to the Sandwich Islands, at a cheaper rate,* the agents of the Hudson's Bay Company gave every encouragement to their settlement, and goods were forwarded to the Willamette Falls, and retailed to these citi- zens of the United States at even a more advantageous rate than to the British subjects. Thus encouraged emigrations left the United States in 1843, 1844 and 1845, were received in the same cordial manner. Their numbers have increased so rapidly that the British party are now in the minority, and the gentlemen of the Hud- son's Bay Company have been obliged to join the organiza- tion, without any reserve except the mere form of the oath of office. Their lands are invaded — themselves insulted — and they now require the protection of the British Government against the very people to the introduction of whom they have been more than accessory. We leave this settlement (Red River) on the i8th June, and expect to reach Canada (by the same route we ascended last year, from La Sault St. Marie) about the 20th July. We have the honor to be. My Lord, your Lordship's obedient, humble servants, Henry J. Warre, Lt. 14th Regt. M. Vavasour, Lieut. Royal Eng. Employed on the [particular] service. Sir George Simpson, on his arrival in this settlement, from Canada, on the 7th June, requested us, in the accompanying letter, to give him such information connected with the result

  • See on this point Simpson Letters, Am. Hist. Rev., XIV, p. 80.----