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I saw a busy potter by the way
Kneading with might and main a lump of clay;
    And, lo! the clay cried, "Use me gently, pray,
I was a man myself but yesterday!"


Oh! wine is richer than the realm of Jam,
More fragrant than the food of Miriam;
    Sweeter are sighs that drunkards heave at morn
Than strains of Bu Sa'íd and Bin Adham.


Deep in the rondure of the heavenly blue,
There is a cup, concealed from mortals' view,
    Which all must drink in turn; sigh not then,
But drink it boldly, when it comes to you!

252.   C. L. N. A. B. I. J.   Hál, ecstacy.

253.   C. L. N. A. I. J.   Abu Sa'íd Abu'l Khair and Ibrahím Bin Adham are both mentioned in the Nafahát ul-Uns.   'Miriam's food.'   See Koran, xix. 24.   Note izáfat dropped after silent he.