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Bothwell Castle, Edward I. captures, 110; Edward de Brus captures, 225

Bower, Walter, edition of the Scotichronicon by, 9

Bowmaker, Walter, see Bower, Walter

Breaux, family name of Bruce, 17

Brechin, Sir David de, joins the national cause, 180; tragic fate of, 276

Bretaine, Sir John de, appointed Warden of Scotland, 123

Brodick Castle, Douglas captures, 146

Bruce, Robert, difficulties attending the preparation of an account of, 1, 2; Wyntoun on, 10; authenticity of the chronicles regarding, 11; birth of, 17; descent of, ib., 21; claim to the Scottish throne considered by a commission, 62; first appearance as restorer of the Scottish monarchy, 77; high in favour with Edward I., 81; fights on the side of Scottish rebels, 85; signs a confession to Edward I., 86; attitude of, during the campaign of Wallace, 98; acts a double part, 110; succeeds to his father's estates, 114; list of public acts of, up to the time of Wallace's execution, 121; flight from England of, 128; slays John Comyn, 129; coronation of, 131; names of Scottish nobles present at the coronation of, 132; castles forfeited, 133; sentence of excommunication passed upon, 134; received hospitably by Angus of the Isles, 144; seeks shelter in Rachrin, 145; in the island of Arran, 147; desperate condition of the cause of, 151; adventures in the land of Lorn, ib.; pursued by a bloodhound, 154; defeats the English at Loudon Hill, 164; a crisis in the fortunes of, 165; defeats de Monthermer, 166; invades Argyll, 184; makes a raid in Clydesdale, 187; invades England, 189; holds a Parliament at Ayr, ib., 229; makes an unsuccessful assault on Berwick, 190; captures Perth and Dumfries, 191; magnanimous treatment of Macdouall by, ib.; resides at Clackmannan Castle, 193; reliance upon military skill of, 199; choice of ground at Bannockburn by, 201-203; orders celebration of mass in the Scottish camp, 203; injunctions to his soldiers by, ib.; encounters Sir Henry de Bohun, 205; anecdote of, as to a relic of St. Fillan, 210; clemency of, 224; prepares to invade Ireland, 228; a probable blunder of, ib.; marriage of Marjorie, daughter of, 230; expedition to the Western Isles by, ib.; invades England, 231; lays siege to Carlisle, ib.; attack on Berwick by, 233; second invasion of England by, 235; joins Edward de Brus in Ireland, 239; campaign in Ireland, 240-244; first battle in Ireland, ib.; incident of kindness of heart in, 242; returns from Ireland, 244; Pope John XXII. threatens, with excommunication, 251; personal appearance of, described by the Pope's legates, ib.; invasion of England by, 269; treats with Edward II. for peace, 270; again excommunicated, 271; masterly tactics before English invasion, 281; another invasion of England by, 282; defeats Edward II. at Biland, 283; reply to terms of peace by Edward II., 292; birth of