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Bruce (Continued).

Prince David, 296; stricken with disease, 298; holds a Parliament at Scone, 298; sets about defence of the Highlands, 299; builds a castle on Cantyre, 300; engages in country pursuits, 301; chooses a residence in the Lennox, ib.; love of the sea by, 302; hospitality of, ib.; renounces the truce with England, 307; invades Ireland a second time, 319; promised plenary absolution from the Pope, 334; illness of, 337; visits Galloway, ib.; final instructions by, 338; commissions Douglas to carry his heart to the Holy Land, ib.; death of, 340; buried at Dunfermline, 341; how his memory has been cherished, 343; character of, 343-353; earlier career of, 343; Wallace and, 344; the assassination of Comyn, 345; courage and sagacity as King, ib.; Randolph Moray and, ib., 346; humaneness of, ib.; as a civil ruler, 347; no adequate portrait of, 352; high rank as a military commander, 353; children of, 354

Brus, Alexander de, defeat and death of, 149

Brus, Edward de, first mention of, 116; gains a victory over the English in Galloway, 183; harries the English Border, 189; captures Rutherglen and Dundee, 196; lays siege to Stirling Castle, 197; command at Bannockburn of, 201; division of, bears the brunt of the battle at Bannockburn, 217; created Earl of Carrick, 226; invades North Cumberland, ib.; campaign in Ireland of, 236-244; defeats the Earl of Ulster at Conyers, ib.; lays siege to Carrickfergus, ib., 238; defeats the English at Arscoll, ib.; returns to Ulster, 237; crowned King of Ireland, 238; asks Bruce to join him in Ireland, 239; death of, 259

Brus, Marie de, imprisoned by order of Edward II., 139

Brus, Nigel de, capture and death of, 139

Brus, Robert de, first Lord of Annandale, 18; a friend of David I., ib.; speech attributed to, before the battle of the Standard, 30; joins Stephen against David I., ib.

Brus, Robert de, second Lord of Annandale, 19

Brus, Robert de, third Lord of Annandale, 20

Brus, Robert de, fifth Lord of Annandale, 20

Brus, Robert de, the Competitor, sixth Lord of Annandale, 20; designated heir to the Scottish throne by Alexander II., 41; attempt to seize the kingdom for, ib.; a claimant to the Scottish throne, 56

Brus, Robert de, "le viel," seventh Lord of Annandale, 21; romantic marriage of, ib.; character of, 77; Governor of Carlisle, 85; asked to resign by Edward I., 93; death of, 114

Brus, Robert de, eighth Lord of Annandale, see Bruce, Robert

Brus, Thomas de, and the death of John Comyn, 129; defeat and death of, 149

Brus, William de, Lord of Brember, 18

Brus, William de, fourth Lord of Annandale, 20

Buchan, Countess of, crowns Bruce at Scone, 131; imprisoned by order of Edward II., 139

Buchan, Earl of, see Beaumont

Burghs, Scottish, wise policy of the kings regarding, 349