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Caerlaverock, siege of, by Edward I., 106

Caerlaverock, The Roll of, 105; description of army of Edward I. in, ib.

Caithness, Bishop of, appointed Chancellor of Scotland, 60

Cambuskenneth Abbey, Brace's compact with the Bishop of St. Andrews at, 120

Cambuskenneth, Parliament at, 303

Campbell, Sir Colin, chastised by Bruce for breach of discipline, 240

Campbell, Sir Nigel, appointed a commissioner by Bruce to treat for peace with Edward II., 227

Cantyre, Bruce builds a castle on, 300

Cardross, Bruce's residence at, 301, 302

Carlisle, Earl of, see Harcla

Carlisle, Robert de Brus, "le viel," appointed Governor of, 72; siege of, 94, 99, 231; muster of the English army at, 105

Carrick, Earl of, see Bruce

Carrickfergus, siege of, 238

Chronica Gentis Scotorum, see Scotichronicon

Clackmannan Castle, Bruce's residence at, 193

Clare, Richard de, English commander in Ireland, 244

Clifford, Sir Robert de, campaign against Wallace by, 85; appointed a Guardian of Scotland, 186; at the battle of Bannockburn, 206

Clonmacnoise, Annals of, 236-238

Clydesdale, Wallace in, 85

Coal, as English payment of ransom, 274, 297

Coinage, Scottish, 351

Comyn, John, influence of, as a Guardian of Scotland, 50; claim to the Scottish throne advanced by, 58; quarrels with Bruce, 102; appointed a Guardian of Scotland, defeats English troops at Roslyn, 112; surrenders to England, ib.; sent into exile, 113; sentence of exile conditionally remitted, 116; assassinated by Bruce, 126; cause of the quarrel between Bruce and, 127

Conyers, battle of, 236.

Corbridge burnt by the Earl of Buchan, 72

Cornwall, Earl of, see Gaveston

Coronation Stone, of Scotland, removal of, by Edward I., 79

Crab, John, Scottish engineer at the siege of Berwick, 266

Craigencallie, Bruce at, 157

Cressingham, Sir Hugh de, appointed Treasurer of Scotland, 82; defeated by Wallace at Stirling Bridge, 92; death of, ib.

Cullen, death of Bruce's queen at, 330

Cumberland, considered a part of Scotland, 93; raids by the Scots in, 99

Cumbria, the ancient British kingdom of, 24

Customs of the Scots and Brets, forbidden by Parliament, 123


Dalry, defeat of Bruce at, 138

David I., youth of, 26; feudal government of, ib., 27; invasion of England by, 29; battle of the Standard, 31; death of, ib.; ardour for Scottish independence of, 34

David II., birth of, 296; marriage to Princess Johanna of England, 331-334; crowned at Scone, 366