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Despenser, Sir Hugh le, with Edward II. at Bannockburn, 215; English commissioner at York, 297

Devorguila, mother of John de Balliol, 62

Dirleton Castle, captured by the Bishop of Durham, 95

"Douglas Larder," the, 150

Douglas, Sir James, at the battle of Methven, 135; wounded at the battle of Dalry, 138; captures Brodick Castle, 146; the "Douglas Larder," 150; defeats Sir John de Moubray near Kilmarnock, 163; curious letter concerning, 165; re-captures his own castle, 174; success in Tweeddale of, 180; with Bruce in Argyll, 184; captures Roxburgh Castle, 194; command of, at Bannockburn, 201; magnanimous bravery of, at Bannockburn, 208; created a knight banneret, 213; makes a raid through Durham, 231; attack on Berwick by Bruce and, 233; victory at Scaithmoor, by, 234, 235; joint Guardian of Scotland during Bruce's absence in Ireland, 239; victory of Lintalee by, 247; combat between de Neville and, 248; treaty between the Earl of Lancaster and, 279; invades England, 308; generous rivalry between Moray and, 312; assault on the English camp by, 315; receives back his English property from Edward III., 327; Bruce commissions, to carry his heart to the Holy Land, 338; probable descent of, 347; Bruce's last wishes regarding the duties of Moray and, 357; receives letters of protection from Edward III, on his mission to the Holy Land, 358; reaches Seville, 360; takes part in a battle against the Saracens, 361; death of, ib.; buried at Douglas, 362; Barbour's description of, 364; relics of, 365

Douglas, Sir William de, a Scottish leader, 86; surrenders to the English at Irvine, 87; imprisoned at Berwick, 89

Dryburgh Abbey, the burning of, 282

Dublin, defence of, 241

Dumfries, treaty between England and Scotland concluded at, 108; Bruce slays Comyn in the Greyfriars Church at, 130; Edward II. at, 173; Bruce captures, 191

Dunaverty Castle, Bruce at, 143

Dunbar, Patrick de, Earl of March, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 56; appointed captain of the English forces in Scotland, 99; urged by Edward I. to proceed against Wallace, 113; gives shelter to Edward II. after Bannockburn, 222; joins the Scottish national party, 239

Dunbarton Castle, Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123

Dunblane, churches at, stripped of lead by Edward I. for war material, 114

Dundalk, the storming of, 236

Dundee, story of Wallace at, 83; surrender to Wallace of the castle of, 93

Dunfermline, birth of David II. at, 296; Bruce buried at, 341; a burial-place of Scottish kings, 342; destruction of the abbey at, ib.

Dunkeld, Bishop of, see Sinclair

Dunstaffnage, capture of, 185

Durham, Bishop of, see Beck

Durham, Douglas makes a raid through, 231