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liol, 68; done by James the Steward, 142

Hume, David, silence of, regarding Bruce's claim to the Scottish throne, 66

Hume, of Godscroft, anecdote of Sir James Douglas by, 16

Huntingdon, David I. and the earldom of, 31


Inchaffray, Abbot of, at the battle of Bannockburn, 213

Inchcolm, Abbot of, see Bower

Ingibiorg, Princess, marriage to Malcolm Canmore of, 24

Innes, Cosmo, edition of Barbour's Brus by, 6

Ireland, Edward I. collects supplies in, 105; campaign of Edward de Brus in, 236-244; famine in, 237; Bruce arrives in, 239; Bruce's march through, ib.-244; supposed second expedition of Bruce into, 319

Irvine, surrendered to the English, 87

Itchenstoke, Edward I. hears of the coronation of Bruce at, 132


Jedburgh Castle, Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123

Jedworth Forest, English attempt to level, 247

Justiciaries, appointment of, in Scotland, 123


Keith, Sir Robert de, appointed warden of Selkirk Forest, 102; leads a cavalry charge at Bannockburn, 217; appointed a commissioner to treat for peace with Edward II, 227

Kenlis, battle of, 236

Kildrummie Castle, Parliament at Westminster orders, into the responsible keeping of the Earl of Carrick, 124; captured by the English, 131

Kinghorn, death of Alexander III. at, 36

Kirkpatrick, with Bruce at the assassination of Comyn, 130

Kirkpatrick, Sir Roger de, appointed a commissioner to treat for peace with Edward II., 227


Laing, Dr. David, opinion of, as to the historical accuracy of Boece and Buchanan, 12

Lamberton, William de, Bishop of St. Andrews, appointed a Guardian of Scotland, 102; deputed by Edward II. to use his influence to bring the Scots to terms, 188; excommunicated, 272; represents Scotland in the negotiations for peace at York, 296; warlike spirit of, 326; death of, 335

Lanark, Wallace slays the sheriff of, 85

Lancaster, Earl of, appointed Guardian of Scotland, 246; treaty between Douglas and, 279

Lanercost, Chronicle of, characteristics of the, 4; where compiled, ib.; evidence regarding the history of the, ib.; on the Scottish rebellion at the time of Wallace, 84; on the execution of de Harcla, 290; on the truce between Bruce and Edward II., 306; on the treaty between Bruce and Edward III., 324; on the Scottish Coronation Stone, 328

Largs, battle of, 33

Leinster, incident in Bruce's invasion near, 240