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Lennox, Earl of, devotion to the cause of Bruce by, 144; Bruce exchanges certain lands with, 301

Letter from Scottish laymen to Pope John XXII., 272-274

Lincoln, reply by Edward I. to Pope Boniface drawn up at, 108; English Parliament at, 321

Lindsay, Sir Alexander de, sent into exile, 124

Linlithgow Castle, Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123; siege of, 192

Lintalee, battle of, 247

Livingston, Andrew de, sheriff of Lanark, slain by Wallace, 85

Lochmaben Castle, handed over by Edward I. to the Earl of Buchan, 77; imprisonment of Scottish hostages in, 100; siege of, by Bruce, 102; forfeited to England, 133; captured by the English, 139

Lomond, Loch, Bruce's retreat on an island in, 145

London, de Balliol summoned by Edward I. to, 70; trial of Wallace in, 118

Lorn, John of, opposition to Bruce by, 152-156; captures the Isle of Man from the Scots, 245

Lothian, the prey of rival Saxon chiefs, 23

Loudon Hill, battle of, 165

Luke, Cardinal, sent to excommunicate Bruce, 251

Lumphannan, battle of, 247

Lundin, Sir Richard de, deserts the Scottish rebels, 86; advises Surrey at the battle of Stirling, 91


MacAlpin, Kenneth, the Scottish kingdom of, 22

Macandrosser, attack on Bruce by the, 138

Macbeth is defeated by Malcolm Canmore, 23

Macdouall, Sir Dougal, defeats the brothers of Bruce, 149; in command of Dumfries Castle, 191; death of, 318

Macdoualls, defeat of the, by Edward de Brus, 184

Macduffs, hereditary privilege of the, 131

MacEth, Wimund, Celtic rising under, 29

Maid of Norway, see Margaret, Princess

Maitland Club, edition of the Chronicle of Lanercost printed for the, 4

Malcolm Canmore, defeat of Macbeth by, 23; diplomatic policy of, 24

Mandeville, Roger de, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 58

Mar (Donald), Earl of, with Bruce in Weardale, 310; succeeds Moray as Regent, 370

Mar, Earl of, favours the cause of Bruce, 76

March, Earl of, see Dunbar, Patrick de

Margaret, Princess, marriage to Alexander III. of, 34

Margaret, Princess, the Maid of Norway, proposed marriage to Prince Edward of, 42; lavish expenditure by Edward I. on behalf of, 46; story that she had been kidnapped, 49; an impostor calling herself, ib.; death of, ib.

Marjorie, Princess, imprisoned by order of Edward II., 139

Marmion, Sir William, adventure of, 263

Matilda, Princess, married to Henry I., 26

Mauley, Sir Edmund de, death of, at Bannockburn,