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of Scotland, 133; letters from Edward I. to, ib.-134; defeats Bruce at Methven, 135; reproached by Edward I., 151; defeated by Bruce at Loudon Hill, 164; resigns his command in Scotland, 172; accompanies Edward II. in his flight from Bannockburn, 221; appointed Guardian between Trent and Tweed, 226; uniform ill-fortune of, 233

Vincenza, Bishop of, Balliol entrusted to the charge of, 78


Wake, Lord, claim for restoration of lands in Scotland, 367; joins the Earl of March in invading Scotland, 369

Wallace, Sir Malcolm, quarrels with Sir David de Graham as to the estate of Sir William Wallace, 101

Wallace, Sir William, first public record of, 80; youth of, 82; legends regarding the powers of, 84; slays the King's sheriff, 85; in favour of the restoration of de Balliol, 87; defeats the English at Stirling, 91; recognised as the national champion, 93; assumes the title of Governor of Scotland, 95; loses his ascendancy, 102; makes a journey abroad, 103; is imprisoned by King Philip of France, ib.; efforts of Edward I. to capture, 116; betrayal of, 117; trial of, 118; execution of, ib.; charges preferred against, 119

Walsingham, Thomas of, value of the writings of, 3; testimony of, as to Bruce's clemency, 224

Wanton, Sir John de, defeated by Douglas, 175

Warenne, John de, Earl of Surrey, defeats de Balliol at Dunbar, 75; appointed Governor of Scotland, 82

Wark, muster of the English army at, 198

Weardale, campaign of Bruce in, 319

Welbeck, Abbot of, appointed to convey the Maid of Norway to England, 46

Westminster, letters patent of Balliol deposited at, 69; Edward I. summons Balliol to, ib.; Edward I. removes the Scottish Coronation Stone to, 79; Parliament at, 122; Scottish commissioners at the Parliament at, ib.; proposals of English and Scottish commissioners at, 123

Wigtownshire, uncultivated state of Crown lands in, 40

William I., the Lion, fights in the army of Henry II., 32; conditions of homage to the English King agreed upon by, ib.

William, the Conqueror, compels Malcolm Canmore to do homage, 24

William Rufus, reconciliation between Malcolm Canmore and, 24

Wischard (Wishart), Robert, Bishop of Glasgow, the rising of Wallace inspired by, 84; documentary confession of Scottish rebel leaders drawn up by, 86; imprisonment of, 108; sentenced to exile, 113; supports Bruce as King of Scotland, 131

Wymes (Wemyss), Sir Michael de, obnoxious to Edward I., 134

Wyntoun, Andrew of, the metrical chronicle by, 9; minute descriptions by, 11; comparative accuracy of, ib.; apocry-