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St. Andrews, Parliament held by Edward I. at, 114

State, peculiar social and political relations of Church and, 142

State Papers, jealously guarded before the English civil war, 12; later treatment of, ib.; Parliament and the editing of, 13

St. Bride, patron saint of Douglas, 359

Steward, James the, surrenders Roxburgh Castle to Edward I., 75; sent into exile, 113; does homage to Edward I., 142

Steward, Walter the, command of, at Bannockburn, 201; created a knight banneret by Bruce, 213; married to the daughter of Bruce, 230; joint Guardian of Scotland during Bruce's absence in Ireland, 239; in command at Berwick, 266; at the battle of Biland, 284; death of, 303

Stevenson, Mr. Joseph, edition of the Chronicle of Lanercost by, 4

St. Fillan, Bruce and a relic of, 210

Stirling, battle of, 91; siege of the castle of, 114, 115, 197; Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123

Stoke Goldington, letter of Edward I. from, 134

Stone, Scottish Coronation, removed by Edward I. to Westminster, 79

St. Paul's Cathedral, sentence of excommunication passed upon Bruce in, 135

Stracathro, de Balliol's statement on his abdication made at, 77

Strathord, surrender of Comyn at, 112

Surrey, Earl of, see Warenne


Tanistry, Celtic law of, 63

Temple-Listen, English camp at, 95

Thorfinn, Earl, supports the usurper Macbeth, 23

Torwood, Bruce's army in the, 199

Turnberry, meeting of nobles at, to discuss the Scottish succession, 41; Bruce's landing at, 148

Twenge, Sir Marmaduke de, in command of the English cavalry at the battle of Stirling, 92; released unconditionally by Bruce after the battle of Bannockburn, 225

Tynedale, a raid on, 72

Tytler, silent regarding Bruce's claims to the Scottish throne, 66


Ulster, campaign of Bruce in, 237-240

Ulster, Earl of, commands English troops in Ireland, 236

Umfraville, Gilbert de, Earl of Angus, demands an indemnity from Edward I., 59

Umfraville, Sir Ingelram de, leads a foray of the Scots, 101; appointed sheriff of Roxburgh, 102; plots against Bruce, 152; appointed joint Warden of Scotland, 186; opinion on the Scottish tactics at Bannockburn, 215; taken prisoner at Bannockburn, 220

Upsettlington, conference between Edward I. and Scottish nobles at, 58


Valence, Aymer de, Earl of Pembroke, appointed Lieutenant