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Ros, Sir William de, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 57; appointed joint Warden of Scotland, 186

Roslyn, battle of, 111

Roxburgh Castle, surrendered to Edward I., 75; plot by Scottish leaders to surprise, 101; Parliament at Westminster makes provision for the safe custody of, 123; captured by Douglas, 194

Rufus, William, reconciliation between Malcolm Canmore and, 24

Ryan, Loch, the landing of Bruce's brothers at, 149

Rymer, Thomas, the Fœdera Anglicana of, 13


Salisbury, conference between representatives of England, Scotland, and Norway at, 42

Scaithmoor, battle of, 234

Scalacronica, 'the authorship of, 5; mention of Wallace in, 85

Scone, coronation of de Balliol at, 68; Edward I. removes the Scottish Coronation Stone from, 79; coronation of Bruce at, 131; Scottish Parliament at, 260, 274, 298; David II. crowned at, 366

Scotia, the ancient kingdom of, 22

Scotichronicon, the, 8; account of events in Scotland in, after the death of Princess Margaret, 50

Scotland, early history of, 22-37; first consolidation of the present kingdom of, 33; degree to which the ruling class had become alien in, 34; distractions by the barons, 51; civil dissension in, 76; scheme of Edward I. for the government of, 122; trade with the Low Countries, 261; laymen's plea to the Pope on behalf of, 272

Scots, fusion of Picts and, 28; antipathy of, to the Welshmen of Strathclyde, ib.

Scott, Sir Walter, encomium of Lord Hailes by, 13; at Douglas Castle, 366

Scutage, remission by Edward I. of, due by Bruce, 128

Seal, the Scottish, broken and sent to the English Treasury, 68

Selkirk, foundation charter of the monastery of, 27; meeting between Bruce and English commissioners at, 188

Selkirk Forest, Wallace's retreat in, 83; Sir Robert de Keith appointed warden of, 102

Seton, Sir Alexander de, rescues Bruce at Methven, 135; counsels Bruce at Bannockburn, 211

Seven Earls, the, ancient constitution of, 27; complaint of, 52

Sheriffs, appointed over every county in Scotland, 123

Sinclair, William, Bishop of Dunkeld defeats English forces in Fife, 249; excommunicated, 272

Siward, Earl, campaign against Macbeth by, 23

Siward, Sir Richard de, accompanies Edward I. to France, 90

Skene, Mr. W. F., edition of the Gesta Annalia by, 9

Soulis, Sir Nicholas de, a claimant to the Scottish throne, 57

"Sow," English war-engine called the, 265

Spalding Club, edition of The Brus published by the, 6

Spider, story of Bruce and the, 14-16

Standard, battle of the, 29

St. Andrews, Bishop of, see Fraser and Lamberton