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author might have retrenched them without injuring his piece.

At length, a night ſcene appears, which repreſents the garden of Antonio; and Juliet is ſeen there, with Romeo, who has climbed over the wall.


Juliet and Romeo.


How happy am I, Madam, to have an opportunity of diſcloſing to you freely all the love with which you have inſpired me!


Romeo, hear me; I have reflected on my duty, and on this love which you teſtify for me. It would lead us both too far; we are already on the brink of a dreadful precipice; let us endeavour to eſcape it prudently. You are ſprung from the blood of the Montagues, and I am a Capulet: what horror, if it ſhould be diſcovered that I ſuffer your courtſhip? I at firſt ſaw you with a flattering emotion, which ſeduced my heart; but, reaſon now preſcribes me other laws. I behold your death certain, my deſpair and ſhame inevitable: are not ſo many fatal objects ſufficient to deter us from ſuch a perilous career? Do me then a favour; I don't deſire you to return the ring