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victim of your ambition, and I have ſacrificed my life to the huſband whom Heaven had given me: this is the doing; this is the fruit of your rigour. I now exhort you never to conſpire the ruin of thy ſon-in-law, but to love and cheriſh him as if he had been your own choice: be aſſured, that if you treat him ill, I will continually torment thee; you ſhall hear me, you ſhall ſee me every where; my avenging fury ſhall not leave thee a quiet moment.


Who then is this huſband? Tell me his name, my dear child?


He is the conqueror of Octavio, Romeo, the ſon of the head of the Montague faction: conſider that Heaven has formed him to appeaſe the odious diſcords which have ſo long deſolated our country.


Romeo your huſband! Could I have ever thought it? But it does not ſignify, I conſent to make a ſacrifice to you of my hatred; I call to witneſs this day every thing which is moſt ſacred, that Romeo ſhall in my heart find the real ſentiments of a father.

During this ſcene, Theobald, and the reſt of the Capulet party, diſcover Romeo, Anſelmo and