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Don't think that I will be your accomplice in ſo cruel an action; you are going to light again the torch of our antient diſcord, and you will precipitate the whole ſtate of Verona into new misfortunes.


You are very prudent, my dear Theobald.


My age and experience makes me ſenſible of the value of an happy tranquility.


For love of you, I will diſſemble my reſentment.

During the whole of this dialogue, Juliet and Romeo look at each other tenderly; the fair one, who ſteps a little on one ſide, ſays, admiring the gentleman, "If Jove were to deſcend among mortals, he would aſſume the face and mien of this unknown: but what an agitation am I in, how confuſed am I! Ah! it is Love himſelf comes to drive all peace from my heart."

On the other hand, Romeo exclaims: "Alas! Why am I born of the blood of the Montagues? Would it have coſt Heaven more to have made me a Capulet?"

The confuſion which reigns in the aſſembly, inſenſibly permits Romeo to join Juliet. Romeo