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said Kent, admiringly, "and that being the case, I suppose I may as well give it to you."

"Exactly!" replied the chancellor. "Little courtesies will be duly appreciated."

"I've noticed that you were appreciative," Kent said, meaningly; "but inasmuch as I'm here and you are there, I don't see what else I can do but oblige. If you and my good faithful friends here are not afraid of me, perhaps you would kindly request them to remove this jewelry; other- wise I can't write."

Provarsk smiled at what he thought a sarcasm and asked the leading soldier if Kent had any weapons. On being assured that the American was unarmed the chancellor ordered the handcuffs removed.

"And let me caution you, Mr. Kent," he threat- ened, "that any attempt to escape or call for as- sistance may necessitate action on my part that I should regret to take. Furthermore it would be useless on your part, because there is no one in the palace who would attempt to assist you save the king and his royal sister, both of whom are now slumbering sweetly with a guard outside their doors."

Kent looked about him as if seeking some one. Provarsk divined his look and added : "And that bear man of yours has also been taken in, and I

believe is now nicely secured in one of the old