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ginning to boast of the authority they are going to have. "

Kent's eyes glowed with interest.

"That guard of yours," he declared, "is due for a good commission after this is over. I seem to have overlooked him." He meditated for a moment, and then to the king's surprise, as if vastly relieved, leaned back in his chair and laughed.

"Amateur work, after all!" he declared. "I'm disappointed! Provarsk had me guessing, last night. I thought he was a much cleverer fighter than I had believed him to be. He always boggles in the end."

"I don't see the joke!" exclaimed the king, but more hopefully.

" Why, it is this way, " explained Kent. " Plain as day now. He poses as a national benefactor, but no one would be able to tell, if he did actually get possession of the mines, what the profits are. He probably would divide up some of the profits as long as it served his purpose. And after thatĀ !" He snapped his fingers derisively. "In the meantime he insures my being driven from Marken, and forces you to turn over every- thing that produces an incomeĀ ; also to let govern- ment controlled private industries revert to those private individuals who own the outside stock.

That includes the Marken mineral springs in