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who dishonours his Guru's bed, who kills a Brahman, these four fall, and as a fifth he who associates with them.

10. But he who thus knows the five fires is not defiled by sin even though he associates with them. He who knows this, is pure, clean, and obtains the world of the blessed, yea, he obtains the world of the blessed."

ELEVENTH Khanda[1]

1. Prâkînasâla Aupamanyava, Satyayagña Paulushi, Indradyumna Bhâllaveya, Gana Sârkarâkshya, and Budila Âsvatarasvi, these five great householders and great theologians came once together and held a discussion as to What is our Self, and what is Brahman[2].

2. They reflected and said: "Sirs, there is that Uddâlaka Âruni, who knows at present that Self,

  1. The same story is found in the Satapatha-brâhmana X, 6, I, I.
  2. Âtman and Brâhman are to be taken as predicate and subject.