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Afterwards he shall again pay a similar worship to twenty[1] hundred thousand kotis of Buddhas; he shall show respect, &c, and in his last bodily existence become in the world a Tathâgata, &c, named Tamâlapatrakandanagandha[2], endowed with science and conduct, &c. The field of that Buddha will be called Manobhirâma; his period Ratipratipûrna. And that Buddha-field will be even, nice, pretty, beautiful, crystalline, variegated with jewel-trees, strewn with detached flowers, replete with gods and men, frequented by hundred thousands of Seers, that is to say, disciples and Bodhisattvas. The measure of his lifetime shall be twenty-four intermediate kalpas; his true law is to last forty intermediate kalpas and its counterfeit as many.

And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

30. The scion of the Mudgala-race, my disciple here, after leaving[3] human existence shall see twenty thousand mighty[4] Ginas and eight (thousand) more of these faultless beings.

31. Under them he shall follow a course of duty, trying to reach Buddha-knowledge; he shall pay homage in various ways to those Leaders and to the most high of men.

32. After keeping their true law, of wide reach and sublime, for thousands of kotis of Æons, he shall at the expiration of those Sugatas worship their Stûpas.

  1. As many days in another stage.
  2. I. e. having the odour (or resemblance) of Xanthochymus and sandal. From the dark colour I infer that Saturn is meant, for this planet is represented as being black.
  3. Gahitva.
  4. Tâyin.