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33. In honour of those most high Ginas, those mighty beings[1] so beneficial to the world, he shall erect Stûpas consisting of precious substances, and decorated with triumphal streamers, worshipping them with flowers, perfumes, and the sounds of music.

34. At the period of his last bodily existence he shall, in a nice and beautiful field, be a Buddha bounteous and compassionate to the world, under the name of Tamâlapatrakandanagandha.

35. The measure of that Sugata's life shall be fully twenty-four intermediate kalpas, during which he shall be assiduous in declaring the Buddha-rule to men and gods.

36. That Gina shall have many thousands of kotis of disciples, innumerable as the sands of the Ganges, gifted with the six transcendent faculties and the triple science, and possessed of magic power, under the command of that Sugata.

37. Under the reign of that Sugata there shall also appear numerous Bodhisattvas, many thousands of them, unable to slide back (or to deviate), developing zeal, of extensive knowledge and studious habits.

38. After that Gina's expiration his true law shall measure in time twenty-four[2] intermediate kalpas in full; its counterfeit shall have the same measure.

39. These are my five mighty disciples whom I

  1. Tâyin.
  2. The original reading has been meddled with; one MS. has vimsak kavam (second-hand, ka vim) syântarakalpa; another, vimsak ka visântarak°. The original Prâkrit may have had something like vimsam katum.