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This page needs to be proofread.

towards the Lord and remained gazing up to him, all preoccupied with the same thought, viz. of this very Buddha-knowledge: Should we also receive a prediction of our destiny to supreme and perfect enlightenment.

Then the Lord addressed the venerable Ananda in these words: Thou, Ananda, shalt in future become a Tathigata by the name of S&garavaradharabuddhivikrWit£bhi£*«a an Arhat, &c, endowed with science and conduct, &c. After having honoured, respected, venerated, and worshipped sixty-two ko/is of Buddhas, kept in memory the true law of those Buddhas and received this command, thou shalt arrive at supreme and perfect enlightenment, and bring to full ripeness for supreme, perfect enlightenment twenty hundred thousand myriads of ko/is of Bodhisattvas similar to the sands of twenty Ganges 2 . And thy Buddha-field shall consist of lapis lazuli and be superabundant The sphere shall be named Anavan&mita-vai^ayanta and the JEon Manq£%asabdibhigaigita. The lifetime of that Lord Sigaravaradharabuddhivikrt^jTitAbhi^a, the Tathigata, &c, shall measure an immense number of ^Eons, ^Eons

The epithet Sagaravaradharavipulabuddhi, i.e. having the great intelligence of SSgaravaradhara, is bestowed on the Bodhisattva destined to be born as Sakyamuni, Lalita-vistara, p. 10. As the next preceding epithet, 1. c. mahapadraagarbhekshawa, seems to point to the sun, I infer that Sdgaravara, the choicest of oceans, denotes Soma, and Sagaravaradhara, the keeper of that ocean, the moon.

According to the reading vims&tim Ganganadfv£likopam∋ var. lect. has VMwxati-Gahg4°, so that Burnouf s rendering ' e*gal a celui des sables de vingt fleuves du Gange ' is admissible. On the other hand it must be remarked that we shall meet in the sequel with the phrase bahuni GangftnadMlikopamini Buddhako/inayutajata sahasr&m.