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the term of which is not to be found by calculation. So many hundred thousand myriads of ko/is of incalculable ./Eons shall last the lifetime of that Lord. Twice as long, Ananda, after the complete extinction of that Lord, shall his true law stand, and twice as long again shall continue its counterfeit. And further, Ananda, many hundred thousand myriads of ko/is of Buddhas, similar to the sands of the river Ganges, shall in all directions of space speak the praise of that Tath4gata Sagaravaradharabuddhivikrl^t4bh^#a, the Arhat, &c.

1. I announce to you, congregated monks, that Ananda-Bhadra, the keeper of my law, shall in future become a £ina, after having worshipped sixty ko/is of Sugatas.

2. He shall be widely renowned by the name of S&garabuddhidhfirin Abhi^AprApta[1], in a beautiful, thoroughly clear field, (termed) Anavanat& Vai^ayantl (i. e. triumphal banner unlowered).

3. There shall be Bodhisattvas like the sands of the Ganges and even more, whom he shall bring to full ripeness; he shall be a Gina, endowed with great (magical) power, whose word shall widely resound in all quarters of the world.

4. The duration of his life shall be immense. He shall always be benign and merciful to the world. After the complete extinction of that £ina and mighty saint[2], his true law shall stand twice as long.

5. The counterfeit (shall continue) twice as long

  1. These names may be translated by 'possessor of an intellect (unfathomable) as the ocean, having arrived at transcendent wisdom.'
  2. Tâyin.