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This page needs to be proofread.

17. It is a case similar to that of a certain man who in want of water goes to dig a well in an arid tract of land, and sees how again and again only dry sand is being dug up.

18. On seeing which he thinks : the water is far off; a token of its being far off is the dry white sand which appears in digging.

19. But when he (afterwards) sees again and again the sand moist and smooth, he gets the conviction that water cannot be very far off.

20. So, too, are those men far from Buddha-knowledge who have not heard this Sfltra and have failed to repeatedly meditate on it.

21. But those who have heard and oft meditated on this profound king amongst Stitras, this authorita- tive book * for disciples,

22. Are wise and near Buddha-knowledge, even as from the moisture of sand may be inferred that water is near.

23. After entering the abode of the Cina, putting on his robe and sitting down on my seat, the preacher should, undaunted, expound this Sfltra.

24. The strength of charity (or kindness) is my abode ; the apparel of forbearence is my robe ; and voidness (or complete abstraction) is my seat; let (the preacher) take his stand on this and preach.

25. Where clods, sticks, pikes, or abusive words and threats fall to the lot of the preacher, let him be patient, thinking of me.

26. My body has existed entire in thousands of

Viim£aya, decision, here hardly differing from tantra or siddh&nta. After the model of the latter has been framed the term Suuinta; and the Lotus, as we know, is a Sutr&nta.