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This page needs to be proofread.

kotis of regions ; during a number of ko/is of iEons beyond comprehension I teach the law to creatures.

27. To that courageous man who shall proclaim this Stitra after my complete extinction I will also send many creations *.

28. Monks, nuns, lay devotees, male and female, will honour him as well as the classes of the audience.

29. And should there be some to attack him with clods, sticks, injurious words, threats, taunts, then the creations shall defend him,

30. And when he shall stay alone, engaged in study, in a lonely place, in the forest or the hills,

31. Then will I show him my luminous body and enable him to remember the lesson he forgot 2 .

32. While he is living lonely in the wilderness, I will send him gods and goblins in great number to keep him company.

33. Such are the advantages he is to enjoy; j y whether he is preaching to the four classes, or living, j a solitary, in mountain caverns and studying his lesson, he will see me. 34. His readiness of speech knows no impediment; he understands the manifold requisites of exegesis ; he satisfies thousands of ko/is of beings because he is, so to say, inspired (or blessed) by the Buddha 8 .

Bahunirmit&n. As a class of angels is called Parinirmita V&ravartin, it may be that the idea the word nirmita was intended to convey to the simple-minded is that of angels.

Here the Buddha seems to be the personification of the faculty of memory, of mental light.

Buddhena. Burnouf seems to have read Buddhai^, the plural.

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