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Page:Sacred Books of the East - Volume 21.djvu/309

This page needs to be proofread.

but as keepers of thine entrusted deposit we care for enlightenment.

16. The Lord himself knows that in the last period there are (to be) wicked monks who do not understand mysterious speech 1 .

17. One will have to bear frowning looks, repeated disavowal (or concealment), expulsion from the monasteries, many and manifold abuses 2 .

18. Yet mindful of the command of the Lord of the world we will in the last period undauntedly proclaim this Sfttra in the midst . of the congregation.

19. We will visit towns and villages everywhere, and transmit to those who care for it thine entrusted deposit, O Lord.

20. O Chief of the world, we will deliver thy messageĀ ; be at ease then, tranquil and quiet, great Seer.

21. Light of the world, thou knowest the disposition of all who have flocked hither from every direction, (and thou knowest that) we speak a word of truth.

Sandhibh&shya, here rather 'conciliatory speech;' this is the meaning which sandhaya sambhashawa has in Sanskrit.

The rendering of the last words bahuku//? bahuvidha^ is conjectural. Burnouf has, ' emprisonner et frapper de diverses manieres/ but hereby two meanings are assigned to ku//f.