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CHAPTER XIII. PEACEFUL LIFE. Marl, the prince royal, said to the Lord: It is difficult, Lord, most difficult, what these Bodhisattvas Mah&sattvas will attempt out of reverence for the Lord. How are these Bodhisattvas Mah&sattvas to promulgate this Dharmapary&ya at the end of time, at the last period ? Whereupon the Lord answered Ma#£uyri, the prince royal : A Bodhisattva Mah&sattva, MangMsrt, he who is to promulgate this Dhar- mapary&ya at the end of time, at the last period, must be firm in four things. In which things? The Bodhisattva Mahisattva, Ma^ud, must be firm in his conduct and proper sphere if he wishes to teach this Dharmaparyiya. And how, Maflgnsrl, is a Bodhisattva Mah&sattva firm in his conduct and proper sphere? When the Bodhisattva Mahdsattva, Ma£^urrt, is patient, meek, has reached the stage of meekness ; when he is not rash, nor envious; when, moreover, Ma&^unl, he clings to no law whatever and sees the real character of the laws (or things) ; when he is refraining from investigating and discussing these laws, Ma^u^ri ; that is called the conduct of a Bodhisattva Mah&sattva. And what is the proper sphere of a Bodhisattva Mahdsattva, Mangusrt? When the Bodhisattva Mahisattva, Mangusrl, does not serve, not court, not wait upon kings; does not serve, not court, not wait upon princes; when he does not approach them; when he does not