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This page needs to be proofread.

selves owing to a perversion of perception. In this way then, Maflgufrt, the Bodhisattva Mah&sattva constantly views all laws, and if he abides in this course, he remains in his own sphere. This, Magusrl, is the second proper sphere of a Bodhisattva Mahdsattva.

And in order to expound this matter in greater detail, the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

1. The Bodhisattva who, undaunted and unabashed, wishes to set forth this Stitra in the dreadful period hereafter,

2. Must keep to his course (of duty) and proper sphere; he must be retired and pure, constantly avoid intercourse with kings and princes.

3. Nor should he keep up intercourse with king s servants, nor with A'&tfd&las, jugglers, and Tirthikas in general 1 .

4. He ought not to court conceited men, but catechise such as keep to the religion 8 . He must also avoid such monks as follow the precepts of the Arhat 3 , and immoral men.

5. He must be constant in avoiding a nun who is fond of banter and chatter ; he must also avoid notoriously loose female lay devotees.

6. He should shun any intercourse with such female lay devotees as seek their highest happiness

(i.e. equal to all), nor like; or, n& saw tin (in grammatical Sansk. nisato) na saltan, not non-existent, not existent.

Burnouf adds, 'ceux qui vendent des liqueurs ferment^es/ which is wanting in my MS. : £a/u&lair mush/ikawi&pi tfrthikau£api sarvara^.

According to the reading, vin ay ed igamasthitd(n). A marginal reading has vin ay en &°, a reading followed by Burnouf.

Or, Arhats: Arhantasa#?mat&(n) bhikhshun. The Gainas are meant.