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family; be well prepared and steady on your post, you and the entire host of Bodhisattvas; the Tathgata, the Arhat, &c., is now going to exhibit the sight of the knowledge of the Tathgata, young men of good family, the leadership of the Tath&gata, the work of the Tath&gata, the sport 1 of the Tathdgata, the might of the TatMgata, the energy of the Tathdgata.

And on that occasion the Lord pronounced the following stanzas:

. Be attentive all, young men of good family; I am to utter an infallible word; refrain from disputing 2 about it, O sages: the science of the Tathgata is beyond reasoning.

. Be all steady and thoughtful; continue attentive all. To-day you will hear a law as yet unknown, the wonder of the Tathgatas.

. Never have any doubt, ye sages, for I shall strengthen you, I am the Leader who speaketh infallible truth, and my knowledge is unlimited.

. Profound are the laws known to the Sugata, above reasoning and beyond argumentation. These laws I am going to reveal; ye, hear which and how they are.

After uttering these stanzas the Lord addressed the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Maitreya : I announce to thee, Agita, I declare to thee: These Bodhisattvas Mah&sattvas, Agita, so innumerable, incalculable, inconceivable, incomparable, uncountable, whom you never saw before, who just now have issued from

I.e. magic display of creative power, lfli, synonymous with m£ya

Vivdda, the original reading, though afterwards effaced and replaced by vis had a, despondency.

U 2