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This page needs to be proofread.

Meanwhile the Tatgatas, &c, who had flocked from hundred thousands of myriads of kotis of worlds, they, the creations of the Lord Skyamuni, who were preaching the law to the beings in other worlds; who all around 1 the Lord kyamuni, the Tathgata, &c, were seated with crossed legs on magnificent jewel thrones 2 at the foot of jewel trees in every direction of space; as well as the satellites of those Tathgatas were struck with wonder and amazement at the sight of that great host, that great multitude of Bodhisattvas emerging from the gaps of the earth and established in the element of ether, and they (the satellites) asked each their own Tathigata: Where, O Lord, do so many Bodhisattvas Mahsattvas, so innumerable, so countless, come from? Whereupon those Tathfigatas, &c, answered severally to their satellites: Wait awhile, young men of good family; this Bodhisattva Mahisattva here, called Maitreya, has just received from the Lord Skyamuni a revelation about his destiny to supreme, perfect enlightenment He has questioned the Lord Skyamuni, the Tathdgata, &c, about the matter, and the Lord .SSkyamuni, the TatMgata, &c, is going to explain it; then you may hear. Thereupon the Lord addressed the Bodhisattva Maitreya: Well done, Agita, well done; it is a sublime subject, Agiita, about which thou questionest me. Then the Lord addressed the entire host of Bodhisattvas: Be attentive all, young men of good

case of niravadhi. Burnouf has, 'toi qui es affranchi de l'accumulation [des elements constitutifs de l'existence]/

Samantd; Burnouf's 'en presence' is wanting in my MS.

Or, thrones of magnificent jewels.