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born 1 , the Healer[1], the Protector of all creatures. Knowing them to be perverted, infatuated, and ignorant I teach final rest, myself not being at rest.

22. What reason should I have to continually manifest myself? When men become unbelieving, unwise, ignorant, careless, fond of sensual pleasures, and from thoughtlessness run into misfortune,

23. Then I, who know the course of the world, declare: I am so and so 3 , (and consider): How can I incline them to enlightenment ? how can they become partakers of the Buddha-laws 4 ?

Lokapitd SvayambhuA. The juxtaposition of these two words shows to an evidence that 5&kyamuni is represented as Brahma, the uncreated Being, existing from eternity, the Father of the world, All-father.

I.e. I am so in reality, tathStathiham. Burnoufs rendering, 'I am the Tath&gata,' points to a reading tathdgato 'ham, which comes to the same.

Katham nu bodhdya sandmayeya (Sansk. sanndmayeya) katha

buddhadharm&za bhaveyu l&bhinaA.

  1. In a moral sense the Saviour, mythologically Apollo.