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This page needs to be proofread.

thousands of myriads of kotis of Buddhas[1]. Severally they celebrated these Buddhas in appropriate stanzas, sacred hymns in praise of the Buddhas.

And on that occasion the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Maitreya uttered the following stanzas :

1. Wonderful is the law which the Sugata has expounded, the law we never heard before; how great the majesty of the Leaders is, and how infinite the duration of their life !

2. And on hearing such a law imparted by the Sugata from face to face, thousands of ko/is of creatures, the genuine sons of the Leader of the world, have been pervaded with gladness.

3. Some have reached the point of supreme enlightenment from whence there is no return, others are standing on the lower stage 2 ; some have reached the standpoint of having an unhampered view, and others have obtained thousands of ko/is of Dhira^ls[2].

4. There are others, (as) atoms 4 , who have reached supreme Buddha-knowledge. Some, again, will after eight births become Ginas seeing the infinite 6 .

5. Among those who hear this law from the Master, some will obtain enlightenment and see the truth 6 after four births, others after three, others after two.

Dhdra/if y e dhar£y£m, which is ambiguous, because the latter may stand for adhar&ydm. That dhirawi can denote bhumi I infer from the phrase (bhumi) lokadhdriwf, Taitt. Anwyaka X, Paramdwu; the literal rendering is, others, extremely faint (or small).

Cf. the phrase ' to see Nirvana/

Evidently the same as ' seeing Nirvana/ as appears from what is added and the analogy with the preceding stanza.

  1. The version followed by Burnouf is somewhat longer.
  2. The translation doubtful.