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6. Some among them will become all-knowing 1 after one birth, in the next following existence 2 . Such will be the perfect result of learning the duration of life of the Chief.

7. Innumerable, countless as the atoms of the eight fields, are the ko/is of beings who by hear- ing this law have conceived the idea of superior enlightenment.

8. Such is the effect produced by the great Seer, when he reveals this Buddha-state that is endless and has no limit, which is as immense as the element of ether.

9. Many thousand ko/is of angels, Indras, and Brahma-angels, like the sands of the Ganges, have flocked hither from thousands of ko/is of distant fields and have poured a rain of Mandiravas.

10. They move in the sky like birds, and strew fragrant powder of sandal and agallochum, to cover ceremoniously the Chief of £inas withal.

11. High aloft tymbals without being struck emit sweet sounds; thousands of ko/is of white cloth whirl down upon the Chiefs.

12. Thousands of ko/is of jewel censers of costly incense move of their own accord on every side to honour the mighty 3 Lord of the world.

13. Innumerable wise Bodhisattvas hold myriads of ko/is of umbrellas, elevated and made of noble jewels, like chaplets 4 , up to the Brahma-world.

14. The sons of Sugata, in their great joy, have

Another term for seeing Nirvdwa.

These four descriptions of Bodhisattvas agree in the main with the four degrees of holiness, of Srotadpanna, Sakr*dag£min, Anag&min, and Arhat.


Utansakin (sic).